Class Format

Joint rotation and warm-up
Warm-up and stretch
Basic techniques: punches, blocks, kicks, combinations
Forms (Hyung)
One-step techniques (prearranged sparring combinations with partner)
Instructor's choice: sparring, ground defense, three-step techniques, pad work, weapons, street fighting techniques, etc.

Korean terminology is used during class to help the students develop good memorization skills and prepare for their written exam.

Safety Rules & Required Student Equipment

Read and understand handout entitled 'Free Sparring Rules'
Uniform (Do Bohk) and belt of appropriate rank(uniforms available through the school at our wholesale cost)
Groin protection for males
No jewelry or watches worn during class
Keep fingernails and toenails short
No gum or food in class
Hand, foot, shin, mouthpiece, and head gear required during certain exercises.

Tests for Promotion

The purpose of testing is to show the student's mental and physical growth.
A student's rank is earned through a challenging physical and mental test, rather than received by attending class over a period of time. Each area tests a student's effort towards goals of self-defense, health, and self-improvement.

*In order to pass the test, the student must be proficient in:

Adult Gup tests are held approximately every four months.
Cho Dan Bo test is private. Held a minimum of six months following prior test and when the student is deemed ready for the rank.

*As the student advances in rank, the requirements increase.